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If you are here to check in on my cancer progress-first off, thank you! My friend and fellow Cancer Grad (Aniela) and I have teamed up to provide you with fresh content, including the tips, tricks, cheat sheets and stories relevant to making a cancer diagnosis a little less painful. Check us out and sign up for our monthly newsletter on our new site!

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The Courageous Leap

Ernest Hemingway once wrote "courage is grace under pressure". I've been thinking a lot about the meaning of those words lately.

When I was first diagnosed, my friend put me in touch with his high school friend named Aniela, who was going through treatment for breast cancer. Aniela reached out to me to check in on how I was coping with chemo and from there a friendship formed. There is no manual on how to navigate through a cancer diagnosis, so I found it very helpful to speak to someone who was going through a very similar experience. Aniela is strong, honest, funny and so courageous. I quickly learned from her that I didn't have to hide away in my misery. I wanted to be as open about my diagnosis as I felt comfortable to help other people who were struggling with a similar experience. I could take a high pressure situation and go for my triple lindy.

Have you ever seen the movie "Back to School"? It contains a hilarious moment where Rodney Dangerfield attempts the "triple lindy", an intricate dive that begins with him diving off of the high platform and then flipping onto 3 separate spring boards before perfectly entering the pool to a crowd that erupts into roaring cheers. Throughout moments during this year, I have felt like I have been standing on top of a diving platform, and wasn't sure if there was a pool beneath me. Life snuck up from behind and shoved me right off of that platform. One lesson I've learned is that when life pushes you off of a platform, you can make a decision- you can either decide to panic and land an epic bellyflop, or you can aim to land the triple lindy with grace. Always go for courage. Always go for the triple lindy.